Cheap Entertainment or Expensive Mistake

Organising the entertainment for a wedding or party can be a really exciting project. You want your guests to have a great time – perhaps something they can remember for years to come – especially if it’s your wedding – the entertainment is your gift to them.

Crowd Dancing

With 1,000′s of amazing live bands & singers to choose from, for us mere mortals, the process may have to start by looking at our budget. We recently looked at How much does it cost to hire a band so we know roughly what the fees would be, but – what if we’re working with a shoestring budget of under £500 – we can still have a good time, yes?

Well, the answer is possibly but, unless you already know an amazing singer or band who is happy to do you a favour, hiring cheap entertainment could prove to be an expensive mistake. Here is why – you can never get that time back.

Hiring cheap entertainment is a risk. You may be able to find someone that will entertain you and your guests for a few hundred pounds but:

  • will they provide a contract – they may not even turn up without one?
  • is their equipment tested and suitable for your event?
  • are they insured?
  • will they make your event memorable?

If the answer isn’t yes to all of the above it may be a safer option to simply book a DJ. Nobody wants to listen to a bad singer or band and bad usually means cheap. Cheap usually means under £500 for a singer / tribute act / duo or under £1000 for a band. Read our article here for a closer look at costs.

The saying “You get what you pay for” is usually true. There are some exceptions and we know lots of great wedding bands & wedding singers who charge considerably less than their more expensive counterparts and can be just as good if not better. However, there are still standard fees that reflect the experience that you and your guests will have on the night.

Book Live has a comprehensive portfolio of great entertainers across the music spectrum who we know can perform at the highest level. We regularly go and see our bands & singers perform so we get to know what they do, how good they are and the differences between them. Not all Rat Pack Singers are the same, bands are wildly different and we get to see this so we can let people know when they contact us. That’s what we do – and we love it.

We want the best for every event and only represent quality artists who we know will be great. Book Live offers a peace of mind guarantee, secure bookings and emergency options should anything unexpected happen. Hiring your entertainment with a reputable agent like Book Live can save you time, money and offer you a lot more protection than booking an artist directly. Plus, we’ll provide honest and impartial advice. Book Live doesn’t use a house band or singer so we won’t try and sell you something that isn’t right for your event. We want your celebration to be remembered by you and your guests for all the right reasons so let us know how we can help – we make good things happen.

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