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Book Live is a small company with some big ideas. We’re not after global domination or shops in New York, Paris and Rome, we just want to provide great live bands, singers and entertainers for people looking to have a fantastic time. We love doing this!

It all starts with having a great portfolio of decent people who want to share their talent and make people smile. Life is about making memories and we think it’s a blessing that we can, in some small way, be part of someone else’s special day – especially when it’s celebrating huge life events like weddings and birthdays.

Crowd Dancing


Here is an example of one of our band pages: ePoP. We need promotional material to make this happen:

  • As many Full mp3s as possible [minimum x 3 - maximum x 10]. We will edit them and also mix a Sampler of your tracks. This is epop’s sampler. We send these samplers to our associates who book music with us.
  • Good quality photographs – group photos if it’s a band. A mix of live and group shots is best
  • Video: We receive more bookings for artists who have videos than those who don’t. Send us your youtube links – we edit and upload them onto the Book Live Youtube Channel
  • Biography – a bit about you. ‘We are the best party band’ doesn’t cut it. We need some real info. How much fun will people have if they book you? Are you interactive? Will you learn a new song or two? What makes you different from everyone else?
  • Previous clients. A list of corporate clients you have performed for. Don’t worry if you don’t have any but please tell us about where you have performed or the connections you have. If you were Robbie Williams’s backing singer then that speaks volumes!
  • Your repertoire. Sometimes 1 x song is the difference between a booking and a missed opportunity. A short song list of 20 songs with ‘plus many more’ isn’t ideal. Clients look through these and if you can list their first dance or special song in your repertoire it could secure the booking
  • Testimonials. People want to know what others think of your past performances and sometimes 1 x piece of feedback with a special detail can help with a booking.
  • Your honest pricing. We’ve had artists send through their ‘preferred pricing’ and not been able to get them any work because they usually go out for much less. We believe in great value and want to provide as much work as possible for all of our artists. However, a lot of bookings are price dependant so please bear this in mind when sending your fees through
  • Our Artist Registration form. This can be downloaded here. There is a section on travel expenses on the form which enables us to quote fees for enquiries all over the country. We cannot represent an act without this. We appreciate that it takes about 10 minutes to complete but it does save us bothering you on the phone when you may be busy or even out of the country.
  • Permission to represent you. The Artists Registration form is also your permission for Book Live to use your material to promote you and our portfolio. We would ideally like to represent you under an exclusive name so we aren’t duplicating enquiries that you might already receive elsewhere. We’re open to suggestions for alternative names to represent you so please let us know your thoughts.
  • Regular datesheets. These really help us and can secure bookings much faster. A simple Word document with a list of unavailable dates emailed through every time you take a new booking is really appreciated.

Once we have this then we can edit everything and put your act onto the website. We’ll let you know once your info is online and ask you to check the details and give some feedback. If it’s not right we can change it.

Putting a new act online takes around 3 hours once we have all your material so we want to make sure we have everything to hand before we put you ‘live’. From there we can put you forward for enquiries.

Promises, promises…

We add artists to our portfolio because we think you’re great and hope our visitors can find you because you might be exactly what they are looking for. However, one thing we can’t do is promise lots of work. Some of our artists get half of their diary filled through us in a year – some don’t get the work they deserve from us. We’re working on this but we’re honest enough not to commit your diary to dates until someone confirms their booking via a contract. We don’t want any artist losing work through unfulfilled promises – this is your livelihood and we take that very seriously. However, we will promise to do our best to secure dates in your diary – after all – what would be the point in having you in the Book Live portfolio if we can’t get work for you!

We try to see our artists perform live whenever we can. It really helps us let people know what you do and how good you are – especially when we’re discussing events with clients on the phone. We love live music so if you have a great gig coming up – let us know. and we’ll try and come along.

Finally, we’re always open to learning things fom you so if there is anything you think would help – let us know. We understand what is involved in performing for an event and we have your back covered by making sure you have refreshments, food, access to a changing area, a power supply, parking taken care of, the payment arrangements organised and all the other important info required to do what you do. If you need anything else – let us know so we can ensure everything is right for your booking so everyone gets the very best feedback possible.

We look forward to working with you.

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