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We understand how important your event is to you so , for peace of mind, we've compiled lists of frequently asked questions which may help to answer any queries you may have. Please select from the topics below. We appreciate that every event is different and you may have a few questions of your own. If you can't find the answer here, call one of our staff and they'll be able to help you.


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Selecting a Band


What happens if the band we choose isn't available?

If your chosen band isn't available we will check availability of other similar bands for that date and contact you to advise of a suitable alternative. You may wish to select a 2nd choice band before contacting us.

Is the band really as good as the audio samples?

Yes. All of our featured bands have been selected because they have a great reputation for their live performances. Many of the audio samples will be from artistes studio recordings but we're sure that you'll appreciate live music is so much better.

How big a band should we book?

Most of our bands will be perfect for events with up to approx 300 guests. All of our artistes advertise the number of musicians in the band on their individual pages. The more musicians in a band the 'bigger' the sound although it does increase the cost. You should also consider the type of venue that is holding your event and whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Venue Requirements? 

Most of our bands can perform in and outside as long as the venue supports it. A minimum space of 20 x 10 ft is essential along with access to power points for non-acoustic instruments. Most venues will have access to these and cables/extensions can be used to accommodate this. If the venue is outside, the band will require a covered area should the weather become inclement. Our artistes will also require separate changing facilities. We will advise you of any further requirements before confirming your booking.

Do the band carry their own P.A and lighting? 

Most of our bands will have their own PA which is suitable for events with up to approx 300 guests. Many of our artistes also have their own professional sound/lighting engineer who will be happy to liaise with the venues counterpart. Some of our bands carry their own lighting rig but we would recommend checking with us on enquiry. We can arrange extraordinary PA and lighting for larger events.

Are there any restrictions for the sound and lighting? 

Your venue will be able to advise on the sound restrictions for your event. We also need to advise that some lighting effects may be unsuitable for epilepsy sufferers. Please make sure you advise us when booking your band and we will cater for this. Some venues will also have their own smoke detectors which will restrict the use of smoke machines etc. This may restrict but not affect the quality of the performance.


What does 'Guide Price' mean?

The performance details will vary according to your requirements. The Guide Price is indicative of minimum fees for a standard performance. These may vary considerably depending on the number of musicians, duration of performance, p.a/lighting requirements etc. We always take detailed information about your event before providing you with an accurate quotation of costs plus any travelling expenses. This is the price you pay with no other hidden costs. Please be aware that quotes are only valid for a maximum of 10 days.

No hidden costs? 

You may have to meet the travelling expenses for the band which we have set rates for. These expenses pay for van hire, petrol, insurance and (where applicable) overnight accomodation. It can be an expensive business travelling to and from venues so it is imperative that the band can recoup these expenses. Check out the bands location on their individual pages as hiring a London based band for an event in Scotland will add considerable expenses. Other costs may also include hiring extra p.a/lighting should your event require it.


All bands must be secured for any event with a deposit. Final payment will be required 21 days prior to the event allowing you to enjoy your event hassle free.

What are we getting for our money?

We pride ourselves in every aspect of our service - from enquiry to performance. As you will soon discover, we provide the very best in promotional material for all of our artists along with a fully insured and professional service. We aim to provide the best live bands for any occasion and do everything we can to ensure the complete success of your event. All of our bands have been selected for their professionalism and experience in live entertainment. We know that there are cheaper 'pub' bands available out there but, because your event is important to you, we believe in providing superb live music with guaranteed peace of mind.

Do you give discounts?

We do offer reductions on multiple bookings and occasionally have special offers available for selected bands. Please call us for further information.


We understand that you'll want a great experience whatever your occasion. We believe in offering great value to both our customers and our bands.The price you pay will usually reflect the experience and skills of the performers and, as you would expect, they will demand an appropriate fee. Many of our artistes will have very prestigious backgrounds in the music industry and they will charge accordingly. However, we can guarantee that, whoever you choose, you'll receive great value and superb entertainment.

The Event

When will the act/band arrive/set up?

Most of our bands prefer to arrive at least an hour before the event so that they can set up their equipment and change. For larger functions, PA and lighting set up will need to be done prior to the event. We appreciate that you will not want the band setting up during your event and will arrange timings for this.

Breaks and refreshments? 

Most of our artists require 15 minute breaks during the performance - recorded music will usually be provided during this interval (where appropriate). Some occasions may require a continuous performance which can be arranged prior to your event. They would gratefully appreciate refreshments where available as they work very long hours and might not have access to local facilities.

Special requests. 

Most of our party bands will actively encourage audience participation and are guaranteed to give a memorable performance. All of our artistes are happy to perform special requests with advanced notice. Please advise us before your booking is confirmed.


Our artists will need easy access to the performance area and will ensure that it is free of obstacles that may pose a security or fire risk. Should your event have any special requirements pertaining to health and safety please let us know.

Performance times. 

Due to the time it takes to pack away and travel home, our artists can only perform for the times indicated within their contracts. As they are experienced entertainers, they will ensure that the performance starts and ends at the correct time. Nobody wants tired musicians turning up for an event and it's because of this that, whilst some flexibility can be accommodated within the contracted times, in general, the performance schedule must be adhered to.

Any problems? 

We are always pleased to receive any reviews or testimonials for our artistes and our service so feedback is always appreciated. However, in the unlikely event that you do experience any problems, one of our representatives will discuss the details and take any necessary steps to amend the situation. We hope you enjoy your event.

Peace of mind.

All of our bookings are secured by contracts with the artist. Our contracts cover all eventualities and, as a professional company, we would naturally recommend that you check the legal status of your booking with any artist you book outside of 1311 Our paperwork is in place to protect everyone and offer you peace of mind to avoid any difficulties from the point of booking right until after the performance. We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have and hope we can be of service for your forthcoming event.

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